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Sundarban Bangladesh

 A Would Heritage Site & The Largest Mangrove forest in the World

Sundarban is a 1000 KM wide mangrove forest situated in mostly in Bangladesh and a part of india. Sundarban Bangladesh part in on the southern part of the country covering the area of Khulna, Bagherhat, Shatkhira. More than 60% of Sundarban lies in Bangladesh and most tigers territory are located in Bangladesh as per recent research on Royal Bengal Tiger. Its due to the availability of food and less interaction with animal and non commercialization of forest in the part of Bangladesh.

Sundarban in a mangrove forest that goes down under the water from half feet to 3 feet during high tide. In comes up again after six hours. it is not like that the full jungle goes under water but most of the part does. The trees and animals are well suited with such diverse  nature and surviving for centuries. There are 250+ types of birds, 150+ types fishes exists in Sundarban Bangladesh Part. The Sundarban also resides with Man Eater, Rayal Bengal Tiger, Deer, Crocodile, Wild Pig, 100+ species of snakes and monkeys.

The Sundarban Bangladesh part is a bit tricky to travel as it is cries crossed by thousands of canals and hundreds of river. The water level rises with time of tide and your time needs to be perfect to get down for a jungle trekking. More over, it is protected as reserved forest by law of the country that will not allow anyone to explore Sundarban Banglaesh without tour operator.

The Magical Mangrove Photos

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The Tiger's Dean

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