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Things to Do in Dhaka

Deshghuri offers day tours and activities to make your busy schedule relaxed during your trip in Bangladesh. Whether you are a solo traveler, backpacker or a business traveler, Bangladesh has to offer something for everyone. You will be delighted to know things to do in Dhaka and spend some hours to know the country, it’s people & culture if you can explore our Things to Do in Dhaka list.

Deshghuri - for the best rated tour in BangladeshDay Tour in Dhaka

Deshghuri  provides City Tour in Dhaka that can fill your most wanted activities in an organized way. We have Old Dhaka Day Tour to let you meet with Bangladeshi culture. Dhamrai to meet the metal art worker and pottery worker village tour will allow you to have some hands on experience on our arts and country site culture. The Panam City and Sonargaon Museum Tour is to feel the heritage of Bangladesh.

Old Dhaka Day Trip

A day trip with us, you will find most of the historical places of the old city in covered along with all the notes marked in travel guide like Lonely Planet, Trip Advisor. We recommend the trip for a full day and we may tailor it as per you requirement…


Sonargaon Day Tour

In this day trip, you can experience the authentic culture and heritage of Bengali nation. From the rich history of Mugal Empire to British transformation. We hope you will able to visualize our country live as well as can get a glance of Future Dhaka …


Day Tour in Brass & Pottery Village

If you are interested to have a look at village life in Bangladesh along with art and craft works, then a day tour in Dhamrai could be a perfect getaway. Get hands on experience on pottery works and explore the rich metal and brass worker heritage of 200 years …


Deshghuri - for the best rated tour in Bangladesh Foods in Dhaka

Dhaka is the food capital of Bangladesh. There you will find verity of mouth watering restaurant and items that will fill not only your mind but also your memory.  From the dishes of Mughal Mmperor to Mexican Cuisine, it has to offer them all. Each of your evening things to do in Dhaka list will easily fill if you try some every day.

You can try old Dhaka for the items of Mughal period. Star Kabab, Al-Rajjak Resturant, Hajjir Beriany all are very popular among the locals. You can find tea stalls all around the city and some heats up fresh milk on the place. Ask for a Malai Tea, to get a taste of life time. It will be given with the sweet over lay of the tea with same amount of tea leaker. All old Dhaka taste can be availded in the City Tour of Deshghuri. If you want to test verify of other country, come over to Banani Road: 11, near Gulshan and you will find all verity of food  in a single street. Note that, Banani 11 is not cheap. Some of this restaurant also offers live music.

Deshghuri - for the best rated tour in BangladeshMovie and Market

the list can be turned to a bit western if you go to a movie theater in Dhaka. Thought there are only two recommendable movie theaters in Dhaka, they offer 4-7 movies at a time and 50% of them will be from Hollywood. Try Star Cineplex and Jamuna Block Blaster Cinema for a movie evening. These two cinema theater in Dhaka and both of them are inside two of the biggest shopping mall in Bangladesh. Shopping could be an extra bonus.

Deshghuri - for the best rated tour in Bangladesh Museum in Dhaka

Dhaka holds more than seven museums. Yes! It does. These are: National Museum, Liberation war Museum, Coin Museum, Science Museum, Bangabundhu Museum, Ahsanmanjil Museum, Defense Museum and more. All of which will take more or less BDT 100 as entrance fee and you will get a vivid idea of Bangladeshi culture and history in the museums.

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