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Yes, you heard it right …

Mikhail Totov, a Russian beer taster traveler indent to come Bangladesh !!!

The trend is common in Europe, countries like Belgiam, Poland, Germany offer lot verity of such tour and festivals. You can fine here more. Peoples around the world comes over to join the party there. Now, all of a sudden, Bangladesh got a chance to put up the it’s Name on it. Mikhail wants to come here just for this :

Just to collect a Beer Glass !!! the only Beer brand in Bangladesh “Hunter” by Crown Beverage !!!

It never happened, but as we move along the tour can showcase a Bangladeshi Brand, in his exclusive showcase of deer glasses of different countries, from Bhutan to Austria or from Indonesia to Poland.

What you think, Will be be able to Experience Beer Traveling in Bangladesh ?

Deshghuri is yet to get confirmation from The Company “Crown Beverage”, the only company in Bangladesh producing beer. It’s not about money or just a tour, but A new era might be awaiting for the industry, who knows !!!

Here are some pictures that Mikhail shared about his passion

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