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Top Things to Do in Bangladesh

Deshghuri delicately designed Top Things to Do in Bangladesh to make your Bangladesh expedition a memorable one. We designed the tours in such a way so that people around the globe can get the best experience of our culture, heritage and nature.

All our tour can be tailored as per your requirements and taste. Our things to do in Bangladesh list filled with the best natural beauties, cultural diversities and archaeological sites. Whether you are a nature lover, cultural explorer, ritual seeker, adventurer or in a family vacation Bangladesh has to offer something for you. Check our Top Things to Do in Bangladesh as below:

Sundarban Tour - sets TOP on things to do in Bangladesh

Adventure in The Sundarban

The Sundarbans, sets at the top of all thinks to do in Bangladesh. This the biggest mangrove forest in the whole world and home of Bengal Tigers know as Royal Bengal Tiger. It is located in the south western part of the country. The usual tour takes 3 days inside jungle, living in the vessel and exploring the jungle mostly by boat and waterways. You need prior mermission before the tour…

Best Time: October – April
Duration: 4 Nights / 3 Days

Rocket Steamer Tour

SHIP BREAKING YARD - a lifetime experience

If you are looking for an unique experience during your expedition, ship breaking yard could one to meet your thrust. Bangladesh ship breaking yard business started back in 80s. Now gradually moving to more compliance leaving behind its dark pasts and making it one of the biggest recycle activities in the world. In this tour you can explore ship breaking yard area from a boat. On the way from Dhaka we will take you to visit Sonargaon Folk and craft museum & Panam city tour.

Best Time: All Year Around
Duration: 2 Days & 1 Nights

Chittagong City Tour

Chittagong Day Tour

Chittagong, the port city is the second largest city of Bangladesh. The city is blended with natural beauties like green hills, rivers and sea beaches. There are number of stablishment of British Period like court building, railway HQ, circuit house along with World War II cemetery which are the post popular tourist attractions in Chittagong …

Best Time: All Year Around
Duration: 8-10 Hours

Enjoy untouched Nijhum Dwip

Silence of Nijhum Dwip

Nijhum Dip’ means the island of tranquility,the perfect name for this island. Extent your things to do in Bangladesh list by visiting  quite and serene environment of Nijhum Dwip. The place really heals any heart that is hurt, any boredom that seems incurable…

Best Time: Oct. to March
Duration: 3 Days & 4 Nights

Srimangal Tour - Relax in green

Srimangal Tour: Best Nature Experiece

If you love nature and experience ECO life, Srimalgal is the best  to be in Bangladesh. Srimangal is famous for having green lashes of tea garden, reserve forest for black faced monkey, natural birds inhabitate, ethnic communities, waterfalls along with beautiful resorts both commercial to ECO friendly. If you want to cycle around in green, eat Bangali qusine, explore a bit of wild life and life in comfort, Srimangal is the best place to be in…

Best Time: All Year Round
Duration: 1 Nights – 3 Nights

Rocket Steamer Tour

A Journey by Rocket Steamer of Bangladesh

No, the journey is not as fast as rocket but the century old paddle steamer (so called Rocket Stramer of Bangladesh) crosses the major rivers of the country in a gentle and mild way. The overnight journey starts from Shadarghat in the evening, reaching the destination in the next morning. The next day can be passed exploring back water of Barishal, floating markets and life around river or world heritage site the mosque city of Bagherhut.

Best Time: All Year Around
Duration: 2 Days & 2 Nights

Dhaka City Tour - Quick and Short

Dhaka City Tour: Meet the Heritage & the People

A day trip with us, you will find most of the historical places of the capital and old Dhaka. You can visit for of the things to do in Bangladesh and Dhaka with all the notes marked in travel guide like Lonely Planet, Trip Advisor. Deshghuri recommend the trip for a full day with an experienced guide to make the day for you…

Best Time: All Year Around
Duration: 8-10 Hours


Cox's Bazar - The longest sea beach in the world

Beach Lover at Cox's Bazar & St. Martin Island

Cox’s Bazar  is said to be the longest sea beach in the world and most of Bangladesh’s tourist infrastructure resides in Cox’s Bazar. It has all the attractions like waves, hills, waterfalls, ethnic life etc to keep the tourist alive for days. St. Martin`s island is a beautiful coral island and Moheskhali island in Cox’s bazar are two different day activities available from Cox’s Bazar.

Best Time: All year around
Duration: 4 Days & 5 Nights

Experience unique Otter Fishing in Bangladesh

Experience Fishing with Otters

Fishing with otter is a millennium old culture of Bangladesh still exists in the remote villages in the southern part of the country. You can ride on fisher men boat and experience how to train the wild otter to help them earning livelihood for both otter and fishermen. The tour is composed with beautiful country side along side with residing in a resort just beside waterways…

Best Time: All Year Around
Duration: 2 Days & 1 Night

Heritage of Panam City

Sonargaon & Panam Day Tour: Explore People and Country Site

If you would like to explore the country side life of Bangladesh along with some experience of country’s culture and history, a day trip in Sonargaon and Panam City can meet your expectation. The tour covers some archeological sites, a folk museum, country boat ride and village tour.

Best Time: All Year Around
Duration: 8-10 Hours

Day Tour in Brass & Pottery Village

If you are interested in authentic art work and would live to explore the country side life in short tour to Bangladesh then explore Brass and Pottery workers village near Dhaka in a day trip. You can have a look at country side life in Bangladesh along with art and craft works, then a day tour in Dhamrai could be a perfect getaway. Get hands on experience on pottery works and explore the rich metal and brass worker heritage of 200 years …

Best Time: All Year Around
Duration: 8-10 Hours

Nature tour to Sylhet and Srimangal

Explore Archiological sites of Bangladesh

Bangladesh has a rich heritage of it’s Archiological sites. Based on buddhist circuit in Bangladesh, starting from 4th century to onwords you can uncover the old treasure lying underneath  the group. 02 of the sites are considered to be UNESCO world heritage and other are rich as well in history, build-up and crafted design…

Best Time: All Year Round
Duration: 04 – 06 days